Courtesy of the City Auditor and Clerk

The Downtown Improvement District is a dependent special district of the City of Sarasota created pursuant to Section 189.4041, Florida Statutes, to improve the Downtown Core of the City of Sarasota and has as its goals the following:
1) contract with the City to obtain a higher level of service for trash collection, removing litter and graffiti, washing sidewalks, trimming trees and planting flowers;

2) contract with the City to improve the downtown ambiance with pedestrian scale lighting, street furniture and continuous streetscape reinvestment as well as the care of the trees and flowers;

3) envision and develop a strategic plan with goals and specific objectives as well as timelines for completion of same;

4) make recommendations to the City Commission regarding management of private activity in public spaces such as sidewalk vending, street furniture and performances and assist with monitoring code compliance;

5) make recommendations to the City Commission regarding the public parking system and transient activity within the District;

6) recruit and retain businesses by offering financial incentives for new and expanding businesses, conducting market research and providing data reports, retail/office space lease and property sales marketing information;

7) welcome downtown consumers with high visibility uniformed street guides and staff sidewalk hospitality kiosks, and

8) market the downtown by producing festivals and events, maps, newsletters coordinating sales promotions, image enhancement and advertising campaigns.
The Downtown Improvement District is generally bounded on the north by Second Street, on the east by Goodrich Avenue and Pine Place, on the south by Ringling Boulevard, on the southwest by Palm Avenue or the properties on the southwest side of Palm Avenue, and on the west by Cocoanut Avenue, although two parcels on the west side of Cocoanut Avenue at Second Street are included within the boundaries of the District.

The District is financed by ad valorem taxes of up to 2 mills levied by the City of Sarasota within the District.

The governing board and the policy-making body is the Board of Directors of the Downtown Improvement District. The Board of Directors is comprised of five members appointed by the City Commission. Each member of the Board of Directors shall be a non-residential property owner subject to ad valorem taxation within the District.

The Board of Directors shall meet at least quarterly or more often if necessary to accomplish the goals enumerated above. The Board of Directors shall approve all contracts of the District and shall assure that the representatives of the District implement the enhanced improvements and services necessary to achieve the identified goals. Meeting dates and times will be determined by the Board of Directors of the District.